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  • Artio Releases Debut Album “Babyface”

  • Leeds-based alt-rock band Artio, consisting of Rae Charlie Brazill (vocals), Ieuan Bryn Jones (drums), Robert William Arkle (guitar) and Jai Akhurst (guitar), released their highly-anticipated debut album “Babyface” via Slam Dunk Records on March 1, 2024.

    The album comprises a 11-track, produced by Ieuan Bryn Jones, featuring guest appearances from FLASCH, STRAIGHT GIRL, and Those Who Dream.
    On the album, the band forges ferocious and incendiary electronica-infused alt-rock anthems that are deeply rooted in queer rage and the trans experience.
    The band said of the album in a press release, “'Babyface' is a story of growth, change, transitioning and evolving. Rooted in the trans experience, yet accessible to anyone who is clinically self-aware and determined to break cycles and bury their past self in attempts to grow.”
    Artio shared on social media, “We are so proud of this record. It's been years in the making, and full of so much emotion and love and collaboration!!!”
  • Artio explained about some tracks for the album.

    “It's a brutal self-reflective announcement that the girl you knew, loved, raised etc. is gone and you have stop expecting her to come back. It's a comment on how girls are raised in society and the strange detachment you feel to the idea of being a 'girl' growing up, then the euphoria of discovering the language to understand who you are, only to have the people you love the most deny that that girl isn't you anymore. If it's the last thing I'll ever do, you will see me for who I am.”

  • “Head in the Sand, Finger on the Trigger” featuring FLASCH
    “Head In The Sand, Finger On The Trigger, is a rage track about the state of the antitrans rhetoric in media and politics right now, especially in the US. With dystopian dictators like Ron DeSantis criminalizing the trans existence, stripping rights away from CHILDREN as well as post transition adults and dubbing DRAG a sex crime punishable by death, whilst anyone can buy a military grade assault weapon and shoot up a school.
    The hypocrisy and downright evilness of the right-wing governing bodies make me both sick to my stomach with fear and disgust as well as full of the most primal rage I've ever felt. Teaming up with LA nonbinary artist FLASCH, we express our love to our trans siblings and our fury at those putting our lives in danger for simply existing. The revolution is coming, and we offer our service to soundtrack it.”

    “Sertraline” featuring STRAIGHT GIRL
    “'Sertraline' is a criticism of how little help the government gives young people for their mental health. There's no funding, we are put on mind numbing medications, denied access to therapy and palmed of as 'hormonal' or 'overreacting' whilst Tory MPs line their pockets with the money that could save lives. It's about the tragic yet communal idea that all your friends are suffering immensley but hey, at least you're all suffering together. I gave up on the hope of accessing counselling and therapy, went cold turkey off of my meds, lost my fucking mind and then came back again. Because honestly, Sertraline ruined my brain, and I'd rather live in my sad little autistic brain and deal with it day by day with the people I love than live in a brain that feels like a disconnected hellscape.”

    Photo by Tom Berridge
  • source : Apple Music
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