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  • Luna Shadows Announces New Album “bathwater”, Shares New Song “stay mad”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Luna Shadows has announced her sophomore album “bathwater” will be released on June 21, 2024.

    The album is her first body of work in three years and comprises a 14-track.
    From the album, she unveiled the third single called “stay mad” on March 1, 2024, following “witches' brew” and “little rituals”.
    The song is accompanied by Luna Shadows herself directed music video.
    The track was written and produced by Bradley Hale and Luna Shadows.
    “This song is about female friendships throughout my life - a musical collage of memories, cataloging closeness, confrontation, competition, cooperation, casual cruelty, and compassion,” Luna Shadows explained about the song. “The first seeds of this song sprung from a childhood memory. When I was a kid, my little sister and I were spinning around our bedroom, dancing to the Spice Girls when I accidentally let go of her hand. She fell. Obviously it was an accident, but to this day, she maintains that I did it on purpose. Despite being completely fine and unharmed, she threw herself on the floor and cried out dramatically, like she was dying. In the true spirit of elder sister retribution, (fifteen years later) I wrote this song and deceived her into singing background vocals on the chorus - she has never heard the words.”
  • She continued “When I was in first grade, my best friend (who I adored) dragged me across her front lawn by the hair - just for fun. When we were in third grade, she laughed and kicked me under the desk so violently that the teacher reassigned our seats. Shortly after, I made her cry at field day when she wasn't trying hard enough to help our team win. Despite all of this, I really loved her and would've done anything for her.”
    She said of the video, “In my adult life, many of my female relationships have played out similarly, only now, our weapons are more our words (or sometimes, a lack thereof). The video is a visual collage of these memories and relationships, recalling some childish acts of violence - but playing out as adults.”
    She added, “This song and narrative are about female relationships, so it was very important for me to collaborate with women to tell this particular story, as we often have some shared universal experiences. Our creative team was composed of nearly exclusively women and non-gender conforming individuals - including cast, cinematographer, producer, production designer, and so forth.”

  • Photo by Shayla Lee
  • source : Apple Music
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