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  • Beth McCarthy Releases New EP “IDK How To Talk To Girls”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Beth McCarthy released a new EP “IDK How To Talk To Girls” on February 14, 2024.

    The EP is their first project in two years since the 2022 EP “No Hard Feelings”.
    The EP comprises a 5-track, produced by Alexander Lanyon and Kaity Rae.
    Beth McCarthy said of the EP, “I first wrote the song IDK How To Talk To Girls over 2 years ago and have since built this entire EP around it. growing up i never had a bunch of songs that really represented my feelings around my sexuality or that felt relatable to me as a bisexual baby who didn't know what she was doing! so, with the help of some amazingly talented friends i wrote these 5 tracks, each one representing a different part of my journey/experience with girls.”
  • They continued, “I could never have imagined these songs would reach as far as they have and I'm so grateful that I've been able to be so unapologetically myself throughout this era because let me tell you, I was TERRIFIED. From the first (definitely not sober) 'what do you call it?' interview, to my first janky performance of IDK 2 whole years ago, to dancing to my own songs in a bar and hearing you all sing my lyrics back to me, this year has been bonkers and it's mad that you're finally going to hear the whole EP all at once in the way I always wanted!”
    They added, “Thank you to every person who has made this happen. i hope you all love the EP as much as I do and that it makes you feel something, regardless of who you love or what you call yourself!! ”

  • Beth McCarthy explained about EP, “If I'm being honest I have been a little of a pick me girl in the past when it comes to Valentine's Day, you know the person who absolutely rejects everything to do with it and hates everyone who posts. But this year stick some wings on my back and call me queer Cupid right, cause I've just dropped the most Valentines coded bunch of songs for the girls who like girls. And I feel like I can't deny it anymore. I love love and I would be doing a disservice to the queer girlies, If I din't tell you about it. I'm a bisexual pop artist and I've always written songs about boys and I realized that there aren't actually that many songs about girls, especially not ones that represent my experiences with them. And so I decided to just write those songs and put them all into a concept EP that's like a chronological storytelling of me figuring out my sexuality.”
    They explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “What Do You Call It?”
    “'What Do You Call It?', which is a song about not knowing who the fuck you are or what you're meant to feel who you're meant to love or what label you're meant to fit into. I spent most of my teenage year just feeling different and weird but not really knowing what to call that. And so I guess this sing is like the coming out song of the journey.”

    “She's Pretty”
    “It's about a girl who I thought was fit and I didn't really know if I wanted to be her or be with her, That it.”

    “IDK How To Talk To Girls”
    “Song 3 is called 'I don't know how to talk to girls', which is the name of the EP and it does what it says on the tin really. I decided that I didn't wanna be the girl. I wanted to be with her but I had no idea how to talk to her.
    And it's basically an entire song about gay panic and how difficult it is to talk to girls. Because they're just really pretty and intimidating.”

    “First, Best, Hottest...”
    “Song 4 is called 'First, Best, Hottest...' and it's the sexy song of the EP where you figure out how to talk to girls, and you know what happens when you figure that out. Basically saying that my first time with a girl was the best and the hottest that I had ever had up to that point so.”

    “Not That Deep”
    “Finally track 5 of EP is called 'Not That Deep' and this is the emotional one. It's the one that gonna get you crying. I wrote this about my first time getting feelings for a girl and thinking she was my soulmate or it actually she might have just been someone that was nice.”

    Photo by Chris Harris
  • source : Apple Music
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