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  • Aloysius Bell Releases New Song “Wreckage”

  • Montreal-based singer-songwriter Annick Brémault, aka Aloysius Bell will release her debut EP “WARM THING” on February 2, 2024.

    Aloysius Bell said of the EP, “I’d been wanting to record some songs for a while and the pandemic opened up a space for me to do that. My home studio set-up moved from my office to my bedroom during the pandemic and I feel like that quiet space really influenced what I wrote, like I was in a little bubble and what came out was pretty intimate, personal stuff. I went into full-on trust mode and let the songs write themselves.”
    She continued, “In a way, the WARM THING EP is about gathering the parts that make me who I am. It feels like a beginning – demystifying my origin story or the stories I tell myself, sharing with listeners how I perceive myself with all my idiosyncrasies. I feel like every time we go into that kind of vulnerability as artists, we signal to other people that they can too. We normalize it and make it accessible.”
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    From the EP, she released a new song “Wreckage” on January 19, 2024.
    The track was written and produced by Annick Brémault, with production by Driftnote - Omar Rivero.
    Aloysius Bell said of the song, “I talk about relationship politics a lot in my songs. I think the relationships we have with ourselves, our friends and relatives, and our observations/emotions about them are sometimes worthy and important subjects.”
    She continued, “I feel like we center romantic relationships a lot as a culture/society and I naturally shy away from that as a topic, despite its general appeal. However, 'Wreckage' is one of the exceptions for me. It was written after an argument with my partner. Even though you can be so furious with your person one day, you might not even remember what the fight was about the next.”

  • Photo by Marc-André Thibault
  • source : Apple Music
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