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  • The Rhythm Method Releases New Song “I Love My Television”

  • London-based pop band The Rhythm Method, consisting of Joey Bradbury (lyricist/vocals) and Rowan Martin (top-liner/singer-songwriter), released a new song “I Love My Television” on January 3, 2024.

    The song is the third single off of their upcoming sophomore album “Peachy”, which is set to be released on March 8, 2023.
    The track was written by Joey Bradbury and Rowan Martin. Produced by Bill Ryder-Jones.
    The band said of the song, “The bones of this song existed over 10 years ago. The Joey and iPad era. We’ve since tarted it up, Rowan gave it the infectious jangle and Bill Ryder-Jones made it a proper song. With backing from Aoife Power.”
    The continued, “It may sound unscholarly but I’ve always credited the telly with teaching me some pivotal lessons. Learning to shave from that episode of The Simpsons when Homer is going to die, learning what to do if someone falls off a mountain on Blue Peter. In the absence of reading I’ve learnt about great literature. The television schedule may be all but dead. But I will always love my television.”
  • The new album is their first body of work in five years and comprises a 9-track, produced by Bill Ryder-Jones.
    The band said of the album, “Originally when tackling the idea of making a follow up album, I know in my mind at least I wanted it to be the ‘recovery album’ I wanted it to be a portrait of myself on the other side of the tunnel of recovery. Going from isolation and drowning in addiction to being a fully fledged adult with his shit together.”
    They continued, “Unfortunately and somewhat inevitably this collection of songs has ended up being more of a work in progress album. Some personal improvements have been made whilst some regression has occurred too. On this album we explore themes of isolation, the scars of childhood, death and attempts at self-help in the bleakest of times. If there’s an overall story, it’s the struggles of being in a band (boo hoo) the emotional rollercoaster that is touring the british isles. The fun you can have during a lost night in any number of great British town centres juxtaposed with the potential to lose your mind one night, post-gig in Hull.”

  • They added, “This album is also what happens when you spend almost a decade in showbiz, slowly getting the passion, excitement and fun kicked out of you by the music industry. Perpetually being misunderstood as some sort of novelty or joke. Being adored at some gigs whilst getting booed at others. Only to be left with pure love of the craft. Left not caring about the pursuit of success or a half decent pay cheque. Only left with the desire to make the best piece of art we can. We feel obliged, like we would be wasting what we have otherwise. Joey is no illustrator but he made the cover art, guaranteed it’s technically atrocious, but like our lyrics and everything we do - it’s honest.”
  • source : Apple Music
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