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  • Cayo Coco Releases Two New Songs “Haunt” & “Stay Awhile”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lumen Loraine, aka Cayo Coco will release his sophomore album “Cosmic Healing” on November 9, 2023.

    From the album, he released two new songs “Haunt” and “Stay Awhile”.
    Two songs were produced by Zach Fogarty and Lumen Loraine.
    “Haunt” is accompanied by the Brother Willis-directed music video.
    Lumen Loraine said of “Haunt”, “I felt myself being stubborn on this track. I question The Universe, ruminating in the narrowness of the puny ego mind. But as the song forges on I feel myself breaking out of that cage and experiencing revelations of oneness (I'm the trees, I'm the moon, and so is everyone else). To me the song is recognition that I can finally give up whatever views I was clinging to in an attempt to make sense of my life.”
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    “Stay Awhile” is the only song on the upcoming album that is written about a romantic relationship.
    Lumen Loraine said of the song, “The anxious - avoidant dance is a pretty intense dynamic. A few years ago I was blindly living on the far end of anxious attachment. I spent a lot of time learning about the roots of this disposition, and started to heal and change. The chorus very much so reflects the inner conflict of the anxious.. don't leave, don't leave… stay!!!!” “Stay Awhile” is a message for those experiencing anxiety in their relationships, and can serve to help others remember that healing is possible through awareness. “Part of that process is recognizing why you are drawn to certain people,” Lumen confides. “Once you see emotional unavailability was what you were choosing, you can consciously start changing that standard. You'll start choosing people who are not confirming your outdated storylines. It's worth the effort, and you deserve to experience partnership in healthier ways!”
  • source : Apple Music
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