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  • Seth Glier Announces New Album “Everything”, Shares New Song “Mammoth”

  • American singer-songwriter Seth Glier has announced his seventh studio album “Everything” will be released on January 26, 2023.

    It is his first album in three years since the 2021 album “The Coronation”.
    The new album is a collection of eight songs inviting us to imagine a future in which humans and the planet are re-aligned into mutual restoration.
    Each song presents a practical climate solution with concrete optimism.
    The album features guest appearances from Crys Matthews, Hayley Reardon, and Windborne.
    The album's title track was inspired by an experience Seth Glier had while foraging. “When I picked up the chantarelle mushroom and brought it towards my nose I first smelled sweet apricot and then my spine straightened suddenly. The feeling was like déjà vu. It was a first time, yet somewhere inside of me I had done this once before. I was reconnecting to a knowledge I had already known.”
  • From the album, he released a new song “Mammoth” on October 17, 2023.
    The song explores questions such as, "what if you were brought back to life and found yourself in a world you could no longer recognize?"
    The track was written by Seth Glier and Ellis Paul. Produced by nthony da Costa and Wlly Daniels.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Tobias LaMontagne.
    Seth Glier said of the song, “What if you were brought back to life into a world you could no longer recognize? Would you be grateful for a 2nd go around or would you miss your friends & family? What if you could no longer recognize the world you were returning to? What if you were told that the reason you were brought back was to save humanity? Mammoth is my new single, about such a resurrection.”

  • He continued, “Scientist Sergey Zimov and Nikita Zimov of Russia have been picking through the ice and the melting permafrost of northern Siberia for the perfect frozen sample of a Wooly Mammoth. Their hope is to take the DNA and bring the mammoth back to the plains it once roamed. There is some merit to this idea as a climate solution. The Permafrost is one of the largest carbon reservoirs we have. In the grazing ecosystems, mammoths trample snow while foraging during the winter. When the snow is packed beneath their significant weight, it allows deeper freezing of the permafrost and thus protects it from degradation. I was struck by this and how strange it might feel for the mammoth & decided to write the song from its perspective.”

    Photo by Joe Navas
  • source : Apple Music
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