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  • Tinashe Releases New Album “BB/ANG3L”

  • American singer-songwriter Tinashe released her sixth studio album “BB/ANG3L” on September 8, 2023.

    It is her first album in two years since the 2021 album “333”.
    The album comprises 7-track, produced by JonnyMade, Kurzweil, Machinedrum, Nosaj Thing, Platinum Libraries, Royce David, Scoop DeVille, and Vladislav Delay.
    Tinashe said of the album, “For BB/ANG3L I was very inspired by the concept of identity. Exploring both how I self-identify and also challenging the perceptions of others. I believe how we identify in this world is ultimately our own personal choice; and I've enjoyed stripping back layers of aesthetic fluff, smoke & mirrors, and white noise to get down to the core of myself. Who we are at a core level, when we are alone - raw & unfiltered, is what I want this album to reflect.”
    Also, she told NYLON about the album, which has been almost ten years since the debut album “Aquarius,” “I think I've grown up a lot since Aquarius and I'm just making whatever feels instinctual and trying not to overthink it. But when I listen to those songs, they're still so relevant to my life now and what I'm going through.”
  • Tinashe explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Talk To Me Nice”
    “'Talk To Me Nice' is an exploration of identity within genre. As someone who has constantly felt drawn to create in the gray areas between genres, I have found that I feel most myself there. Furthermore, it explores the feeling of being on the edge of a relationship and looking at it with skepticism, self-preservation, and self-confidence.
    I wanted to show the act of shedding an old skin, a previous version of myself, in a literal way. I always love to evolve and experiment as an artist in new unconventional ways for each album; and as I enter a new era creatively I felt inspired to peel back a layer and get to the raw, unfiltered core of who I am.
    I explored the concepts of identity and perception as the video progresses, noticing different distortions of myself in various glasses of water- a metaphor for how I may be perceived by others. The source of that water, a slow drip from the ceiling, eventually covers me, washing away any remaining traces of who I once was and clearing space to begin anew.”

  • “Needs” via Dazed
    “I'm super pumped up about this release. I think 'Needs' is a very fun song. It definitely stands out from the rest of the record to me, sonically. 'Talk To Me Nice' was a little bit more serious in tone and vibe, so it's fun to be able to show my range of personality, to be able to dance and all that good stuff. It was kind of a freestyle. I just pressed record and played a beat, and whatever came out of me was what I went with. That 'we all got needs' tagline at the end was my initial freestyle.
    I was thinking of locations where we could shoot and I wanted it to be some type of mundane space – I didn't want it to be a studio or anything like that. I wanted it to feel like real life, because a lot of this era is really about getting to know me and feeling like there's intimacy there. So I wanted it to feel like an intimate location, someplace that everyone knows and that we visit all the time as a part of our day-to-day.”
  • source : Apple Music
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