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  • Caskets Releases New Album “Reflections”

  • British post-hardcore band Caskets, consisting of Matt Flood (vocals), Benji Wilson (guitar), Craig Robinson (guitar), Chris McIntosh (bass) and James Lazenby (drums), released their sophomore album “Reflections” on August 11, 2023.

    It is their first album in two years since the 2021 debut album “Lost Souls”.
    The album comprises 10-track, featuring a guest appearance from Telle Smith, produced by Dan Weller.
    If “Lost Souls” was primarily driven by the band lead singer Matt Flood's personal experiences, “Reflections” delivers a wider picture of Caskets as a whole, borne out of the usual interpersonal differences that all bands face at least once in their career.
    Matt Flood said, “'Reflections' shows how much more we can get out of the band musically if we all put our heads together a bit more.”
    He continued, “It's always about the music, that's the whole point of being in a band. If we can fit as much into our sound but it still sounds like us, that's my lifelong goal with Caskets.”
  • Matt Flood told Kerrang! about the albumtitle, “We didn’t want to make another Lost Souls – that album was primarily about my shit and what I was going through in my past. I wanted this album to have everyone’s voice in it, and that’s the whole reason why we called it Reflections, because we wanted each song to be a reflection of one of the five of us, and write something they’ve been through so that everyone has a voice. The boys chipped in more with lyrics and vocal melodies and stuff like that. I think it helped to open more of a vulnerable dialogue with each other, and to get that genuinely across with the lyrics.”

  • Matt Flood explained about some tracks for the album.

    “'Believe' is a song about realising and recognising your own worth. It's about letting go of the toxicity in your life and making that step forward. Believe in yourself and the choices you're making. Even if the path doesn't seem clear right now, they'll get you where you want to be.”

    “More Than Misery” featuring Telle Smith
    “More Than Misery is written around the conflict of being hypnotically entranced by someone or something that in the end, you know will only lead to toxic habits or bad intentions. Everyone has felt this and been in this situation in one way or another throughout their life. It's about not wanting to be in this situation and feeling the struggle of bearing the weight of pressure it puts on your shoulders. How it can affect every other thing around you, from your mental health to the relationships you build around you.”
    “In The Silence”
    “In The Silence relates to forms of addiction, the feeling that there's no way out of a never ending cycle, finding that next 'hit' and then hating yourself for it. You see your dreams fly away before your very eyes whilst knowing it's completely your fault that it has come to this. But, there is always a chance of redemption, you can overcome the evils of substance abuse. You can resolve your hate and let go of the things that are holding you back and plunging you into these scenarios. You are not alone in this. I myself have fallen into this hole over and over again. I have been in that silence and I have overcome many of my demons. It starts with you and your will to want to climb out.”

    “By The Sound”
    “By The Sound is a story of wanting to have that perfect life, the perfect moments with the perfect person; life doesn't quite pan out that way. We get engulfed in all the glitz and glamour that life has to offer when we're young and impressionable, but the world is an unpredictable and unforgiving place. I always believed it would be easy; school, college, university and stepping into the real world. I wasn't ready for when reality smacked me in the face. I wasn't ready to realise it's hard as hell. I really wasn't ready for how hard relationships with people can be, swallowing your pride just to make peace. Fighting hour after hour and all you want to do is feel love for the person who you're clashing with. There are times where it feels like the entire world and everyone in it is actively working against your happiness. This song is about the desire to put suffering, hatred & greed all to one side and feel like you can breathe without choking. I'm still actively learning how to become a better person than the one I was yesterday and that's what By The Sound is about.”

    “Guiding Light”
    “The song is about redemption of your soul. To ask for forgiveness from yourself and from those closest to you in your life. It's about realising that you need a 'guiding light', a helping hand to navigate the way through your own personal journey of self doubt. I'm sure most can relate to feeling like they need help being guided back to life, from whatever darkness they find themselves in. I struggle to ask for help. Lost in my own toxicity, waves of rage and believing that I wasn't the problem, everyone else was. Only to finally come to terms with the fact I need help, a way back to life. But also that it needs to be led and commanded by my own hand first and foremost. This is a story of redemption, realisation and belief in your own willingness.”

    “Better Way Out”
    “Better Way Out is a song that relates to suicidal thoughts and tendencies. It's a song about noticing and understanding the trials and tribulations of life, about rising above the feelings of depression and anxiety and knowing your self worth. To have somebody say that they see you and they hear you, or to have a community by your side while you go through these daily battles isn't something afforded to everybody. So many of us can blindly walk through the barriers that we build inside our heads, alone without a shoulder to cry on or a friend to lend an ear.”

    Photo by Oli Duncanson
  • source : Apple Music
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