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  • Komorebi Announces New Album “The Fall”, Shares New Song “I Grew Up” featuring Blackstratblues

  • New Delhi-based singer-songwriter Tarana Marwah, aka Komorebi has announced her sophomore album “The Fall” will be released on September 8, 2023 via Chicken Ranch Records.

    It is her first body of work in six years since the 2017 debut album “Soliloquy”.
    The album comprises 7-track. Komorebi explained, “'The Fall' is a mammoth multimedia project with a soulful IP and individual identity. I’ve been hinting at world-building from the early years, but it has evolved into its final form with this release and everything attached to it - an exclusive comic book, a ‘Komorebi’ universe, elaborate music videos and outfits tied to the theme, cinematic 'otherworldly' music, colorful merchandise, emotional poignant and powerful lyric writing - possibly a Komorebi Video Game.”
    From the album, she released a new song “I Grew Up” featuring Mumbai-based guitarist Blackstratblues on July 14, 2023.
    The track was written and produced by Tarana Marwah with production by Gaurav Raina.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Rajasekar Venkatraman.
  • Komorebi said of the song, “On a surface level it's about combining two worlds – music and animation – marrying them to create a work of art. On a deeper level, I wanted to write a story about my life and distance myself from it. The fantastical element of ‘fiction’ allows me that poetic license with this release, as is reflected in the other-worldly music video. And yet this song is extremely personal, very powerful, very me. ‘I Grew Up’ serves as a reminder that growth is a natural part of life, and despite the changes, one will always cherish their bond with loved ones.”
    She added about the video, “What began as a simple conversation with an artist evolved into a super ambitious project. As a fan, sharing similar passions in our artistic vision and creative sparks, it was a thrilling journey to see ideas materialize into reality.”

  • Komorebi said of the new album, “I grew up watching Anime and playing video games on the Gameboy/Playstation series, so I’ve always been drawn to the fantastical realms these mediums provide. ‘Larger than life’ and ‘escapism’ in art culture helped me survive my formative years, especially since I came from a troubled home. Reconnecting with my inner child as an adult is the undertone, the ‘root’ or ‘core’, the inspiration behind this particular body of work.”
    She continued, “The album title shares a name with my favorite track off the record, lyrics are as follows: 'Chaos is inviting, she thought while biting her lip, I don’t know what I want, but I know what I don’t want, Words aren’t the same as meaning that defines them, But I can’t learn from either, I’m rising higher before the fall'”
    She added, “It is my sophomore album and a milestone in my career, simply winning on account of the time and effort spent to make it good. It is the most ‘me’ I’ve ever been, from the songwriting to the influences musically and otherwise. I think everything I’ve done has led me up to this point, to do what I’m doing now.”
  • source : Apple Music
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