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  • Olivia Dean Releases New Song “Carmen”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Olivia Dean will release her upcoming debut album “Messy” on June 30, 2023 via EMI Records.

    From the album, she released the fourth single called “Carmen” on May 26, 2023, following “Dive”, “Danger” and “UFO”.
    The song is a tribute to her grandmother, who was part of the Windrush generation. It was written by Olivia Dean, and Matt Hales, who also produced the track.
    Olivia Dean said of the song, “Carmen is a love letter to my granny and an ode to the wind rush generation. I wanted to write a song of celebration that encapsulated the beautiful cross-culture that was created by the Caribbean community in the UK. Steel pan is such a powerful and emotional instrument for me so having that feature throughout the song makes it that extra special. I am a product of her bravery and I want her to be remembered forever!”.
  • The debut album comprises 12-track, produced by Aqualung, Bastian Langebæk, Detonate Music, Felix Joseph and Tré Jean-Marie.
    Olivia Dean said of the album, “Going into making the record, I’d just done this ‘Growth’ project. And for ages, I was like, well, my debut album needs to be what I’ve grown into, I need to have the answer. And that really confused me for a while. Then I realised, I’m always going to be growing. So this doesn’t have to be a destination, it’s just where I’m at now.”
    She continued, “It’s funny because I think it’s the most fine-tuned I’ve got my sound to be, but also the most carefree I’ve been in actually making music… some of it’s quite vulnerable but it was just made out of pure fun and joy and unbotheredness, and I think I’ve done a good job with calling it ‘Messy’ because if anybody says it’s all over the place I’ll be like, yeah!”
  • source : Apple Music
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