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  • Laura Marano Releases New Song “Boundaries”

  • American actress and singer-songwriter Laura Marano released a new song “Boundaries” along with a music video on April 14, 2023.

    The song is the follow-up to “Arrow”, which was released back in Fenruary.
    It was written by Laura Marano, and Todd Spadafore who also produced the track.
    Laura Marano said of the song, “The past few years, I feel like I've been drowning while trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and not having it can feel debilitating, exhausting, and quite lonely. Even though I haven't quite solved how to achieve it, I'm very proud of this song's honest way of diving into the struggle that is figuring out one's boundaries.”
    The accompanying video was directed by Robert Marrero. She said of the video, “Everyone had the best attitude, and worked so incredibly hard to make this video come alive 🥺 When Robert and I talked about this idea, we both knew it was going to be ambitious (especially cause we were doing it on a veeeery tight budget 🙃).”
  • Laura Marano shared on social media, “I wrote this song with Todd Spadafore a little over a year ago when I was feeling so burnt out and honestly just really needed a day to vent about it (thank you Todd for being so supportive and talented…you took my day of venting and created suuuuuch a cool song!!!). I knew I loved it, but didn't know when I was going to put it out.”
    She continued, “As some of you might know, each of the 22 nights of The Us Tour, I played a different unreleased song. The night that I was feeling probably my most exhausted (I found out the next day I had Covid…ah, the memories), I was going to play a different song, but felt like this song depicted how I was feeling way more. The insanely talented Mark Diamond learned the song in like a second and played it with me on guitar. I was obsessed with how he played it, so he ended up recording his guitar part and we added it to the song!!”

  • She added, “After I played the song, I had some time to kill for the next few days, because, you know, the whole being sick thing. I obviously stalked the internet, and I literally saw fans who weren't even there that night say how much they loved this song after watching videos of the performance. Seeing people feel so connected to the lyrics just made it obvious for me that I needed to release this song as a single. A year later, and I'm definitely still on the journey of learning boundaries. I still connect to this song so much, and I am so beyond happy that it's out.”
  • source : Apple Music
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