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  • ODDKO Releases New Song “Censorship”

  • Los Angeles-based alt-metal band ODDKO, consisting of Giovanni Bucci (vocals/guitar), Francesco Paoli (drums), Gideon “Obsidian” Garcia (guitar) and Dave Tavanti (bass), released a new song “Censorship” along with a music video on April 14, 2023.

    The band frontman Giovanni Bucci wrote the song and directed the video.
    “The essence of this song is to portray the irrational and nonsensical nature of society's approach towards censorship,” The band said of the song. “Governments and individuals alike tend to censor content that does not align with their beliefs or preferences, often without any logical reasoning and they shift parameters based on their agenda. It appears to be a selective practice, driven by the desire to promote a particular ideology at a given time.”
  • The band continued, “The song exposes the double standard surrounding 'Nud1ty' and 'V10lent' content, where female 'N1ppl3s' are often considered scandalous (while male 'N1ppl3s' are deemed acceptable for some inexplicable reason), yet 'V10lent" content is frequently treated with leniency.”
    They added, “Some people are even triggered by the sight of female 'N1ppl3s' or a mother breastfeeding, but are unfazed by 'V10lent' content.”
  • source : Apple Music
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