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  • Jukebox the Ghost Drops New Music Video for “Brass Band”

  • American power pop band Jukebox the Ghost, consisting of Ben Thornewill (vocals/keyboards), Tommy Siegel (vocals/guitar/bass) and Jesse Kristin (drums/vocals), has dropped a new music video for “Brass Band” directed by Filup Molina.

    The song is featured on their sixth studio album “Cheers”, which was released in May 2022.
    It was written by Ben Thornewill, Tommy Siegel, and Jesse Kristin. Produced by Jukebox the Ghost.
    Ben Thornewill said of the video, “We filled the streets with a horse, dancers, a local circus, a full brass band, a staged car crash, and fans that flew in from all over the country - even Hawaii! - to be part of the shoot.”
    He continued, “The video is all in reverse and is filled with easter eggs that reward rewatching and is of a scope that is unmatched by any other Jukebox The Ghost music video.”
  • The band will release a deluxe version of “Cheers” on April 7, 2023 via BMG.
    The deluxe version comprises 19-track, including the previous 13-track, and four new piano interpretations along with two new tracks.
    The band describes as “a natural fit for the deluxe because it's got the mix of old Jukebox The Ghost energy and modern production and taste.”
    They added, “We wanted to add tracks to the deluxe version that felt like they were already part of the album.”

  • Ben Thornewill shared on social media, “Just about a year ago I texted my buddy Filup Molina to pick his genius creative brain about what a music video for Brass Band would look like. Within an hour he said “I want to do it. It's gonna be _____” and then proceeded to pitch the most insane, elaborate, ridiculous music video we ever would have considered. It will all be in reverse! There will be a marching band! We're gonna destroy a car!
    Through sheer grit, countless hours and the work of so so many incredible people we pulled this music video off in a whirlwind three days taking over Gainesville Florida. When I say we took over downtown gainesville I mean we REALLY TOOK IT OVER. We had Main Street (that's literally the Main Street) shut town for two days for us. Madness! Incredible!
    A huge thank you to everyone behind the scenes who worked so hard on this video. A massive thank you to all the fans who flew from all over the country to participate and help out. It was a treat to spend time together and get to know you while we watched the horse learn the choreography.
    Big thanks to the horse as well Great work. We are very lucky to have so many talented and creative people who are willing to put in the hours and their minds towards elevating something as ridiculous as A SONG.”

    Background photo by Sachyn Mita
  • source : YouTube
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