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  • RAYE Drops New Music Video for “Ice Cream Man.”

  • British singer-songwriter RAYE has dropped a new music video for “Ice Cream Man.” directed by RAYE herself.

    The song is featured on her debut album “My 21st Century Blues”, which was released last month.
    The four-minute video draws her experiences with sexual assault.
    The clip shows her message, “When I experienced sexual assault and rape, I didn't tell anyone. 1 in 4 people experience sexual assault in their lifetime. The odds are that is at least 25% of you reading this. This evil has more power over us in the dark than it does the light. If I can encourage anything, let's not bury it deep down inside us forever.”
    RAYE shared on social media, “I am scared to share this tbh and I really pushed myself to my limits to make this video, I spent most of the day in a little dark room with my mum. No make up or styling, just plain old me battling the cold hard truths I've been hiding from.🫀😢”
  • RAYE told Rolling Stone about the video, “Ice Cream Man” and how writing the song was “definitely” a big step toward her healing. It was the toughest thing I ever filmed. I self-directed it. I only managed to do about three takes in the whole day, and I spent most of the day hidden in a small room on my own with a radio. I just think you do have to go there, and it's both awful and beautiful at the same time, which is how the song makes me feel.”
    She continued, “And for a song that I wrote so many years ago and I made edits based on my perspective now, it's just tough. It's tough, but it's beautiful and it's hard to listen to for me sometimes. But sometimes I need to listen to it.”

  • RAYE told Apple Music, “This is the hardest song on the album for me. There are so many layers of what's taken and what's affected and changed after trauma and sexual violence. So much is stolen. You battle so many minefields of, 'Is this my fault? Did I put myself in the wrong position? Am I blowing something out of proportion?' It just becomes this ugly thing that I'm having to deal with for the rest of my life because of someone else's stupid, disgusting actions. And I think that, at the very least, this is me proclaiming what I am and that these things shouldn't be allowed to define what we become. It's as much for me as whoever might be listening who needs to hear it. I wanted it to just feel super intimate, with that hum that comes in at the beginning and these filtered drums. And at the end, you get this moment to feel beautiful with your tears, to stand up and walk out the room and continue with your day.”

    Photo by Callum Walker Hutchinson
  • source : Apple Music
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