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  • Zebrahead Releases New EP “II”: Streaming

  • American rap-punk band Zebrahead, consisting of Ali Tabatabaee (lead vocals), Ben Osmundson (bass), Ed Udhus (drums), Dan Palmer (lead guitar) and Adrian Estrella (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), released a new EP “II” on February 3, 2022.

    The new EP is the second part of a trilogy, following the 2021 EP “III”. The band plans to release the third part “I” later this year.
    The EP comprises 5-track, produced by Paul Miner and Zebrahead. All songs were written by Edwin Udhus, Ben Osmundson, Daniel Palmer, Adrian Estrella, and Ali Tabatabaee..
    The band explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Evil Anonymous”
    Adrian Estrella said, “'Evil Anonymous' is about those people that praise when you're winning, but when you're losing, they show their true colors”.
    Ben Osmundson said, “An evil ska song that kicks you in the teeth while making you sing along. Time to cut loose and dance along…you know you like to dance.”
  • “Licking on a Knife for Fun”
    Ben Osmundson said, “A spastic and aggressive take on self-doubt and poisonous friends…...cause we all have had it happen…more than we would ever like.”
    Ali Tabatabaee said, “'Licking a Knife for Fun' is about not realizing that you are in a toxic relationship with someone that is pushing you to the edge of doubting your own self-worth.”

    “No Tomorrow”
    Ben Osmundson said, “It's been a rough few years and it is now time to cut loose and hopefully have some fun. A song about enjoying the moment and cherishing everything in our lives...whether it is good for us or not.”
    Adrian Estrella said, “Act young, grow old, never take yourself too seriously and never forget, life is short so make the most of it! This song is about that!”

  • “Middle Seat Blues”
    Adrian Estrella said, “Surround yourself with quality, not quantity, not everyone around you has your best interests in mind, 'Middle Seat Blues' is about just that! Imagine a song that combines a bit of metal, a bit of laid-back groove, and splashes a bit of punk on top. Hard to imagine right? Well, give 'Middle Seat Blues' a listen.”
    Ben Osmundson said, “The demo was made in my garage. We often record them there. It came together really fast. We liked it…but then we went to actually record it and changed the bass line in the verse the last minute and it really changed the song for us. We decided we loved it after that.”

    Ben Osmundson said, “The song is a very personal song for us also…dealing with coming home from tour and having your significant other waiting with divorce papers…and this song isn't about me. You notice a theme here.”

    Photo by Kevin Baldes
  • source : Apple Music
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