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  • a-ha Drops New Music Video for “Between The Halo And The Horn”

  • Norwegian pop band a-ha, consisting of Magne Furuholmen (keyboards/guitar/bass), Morten Harket (vocals) and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (drums/guitar), has dropped a new music video for “Between The Halo And The Horn”.

    The song is featured on their eleventh studio album “True North”, which was released last October.
    The album was accompanied by the film of the same name. The video is a part of the film, which was directed by Stian Andersen.
    The track was written by Magne Furuholmen.
    Magne Furuholmen said of the song, “The title 'between the halo and the horn' is, you know, the sort of I guess, two opposites in life, how difficult it can be to make the right changes. I think the thing about a dilemma is not making a choice between right and wrong. It's making a choice between two things that are right or two things that are wrong. That's that's the dilemma. And of course, I'm using the sort of the halo on the Horniman sort of, I mean, you have that symbolism in religion in history.”
  • He continued, “For me, it was kind of a song about choices, some about difficulty or making choices of maybe. We all have we all have human qualities. We all have, you know, temptations we all we all live lives that are full of contrasts and sometimes you make bad decisions, sometimes you make good it's not always possible to tell after actually choices is an interesting thing, because we like to think of it as two alternatives that we can assess. But in fact, a choice is all of the choice you made. You never get to know what the other choice would have led to.”

  • He added, “So, choices are super important, you know, you make a choice and that decides the direction. The other one is no longer an option. it's gone. The choice was made, but I like to think of that song in terms of certain amount of respect for how difficult it is for people to make those choices how, how we're constantly being pushed from you know, doing things the right way and doing things the wrong way our life's not a straight line. It's full of full of contrasts and I mean, fairly obvious from the lyric I guess.”

    Photo by Stig Kaspersen
  • source : Apple Music
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