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  • Anna of the North Releases New Album “Crazy Life”: Streaming

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Anna Lotterud's solo project Anna of the North released the third studio album “Crazy Life” on November 4, 2022.

    It is her first album in three years since the 2019 album “Dream Girl”.
    The album comprises 11-track, featuring guest appearance from Gus Dapperton.
    Theme of the album is a house. She teamed up with Australian designer Montana Kitching, who designed the artwork for each of the previously released singles.
    Anna Lotterud said of the album, “The album is about everything, nothing, and all in betwee. It's about those small things we don't necessarily talk about—like the days where you lie on the couch because you can't get out of the house. As humans, we're complex. What I love thinking about is the fact that when I let these songs out in to the universe, people will connect with them in different ways. Some people will cry to them; other people will have sex to them. That's the beautiful thing about music. I've definitely gone into some territory inside of me that I haven't in the past.”
    She continued, “The character in the house is legit caught in a time loop. Many of the songs are about being stuck and how it's hard to get out of your own patterns. The only thing that calms her is music, so she writes an album, finishes it, and she's suddenly out. It's like music is a portal back to the real world.”
  • Anna Lotterud made the album during COVID-19 pandemic. She told The Honey Pop, “My vision for this album was to blend my previous two albums. Taking my best qualities from both of them and making an Anna 3.0. I have, of course, changed a lot. We all evolve and change daily, so this album is inspired by my life and the things around me throughout the last few years. It's a cliché but I don't think I'm the only one who got a new perspective after COVID.”

    Anna Lotterud explained of some tracks for the album.

    “Bird Sing” via The Honey Pop
    “I wanted to paint a picture of the first thing you hear on a lovely Saturday morning. You're off of work, the sun is shining, and everything is just set to be the best day. Then you remember you used to have someone by your side that's not there anymore.”

    “I Do You”
    “Too many times have I been in the situation where I put other people before myself. I imagine everyone around me being so happy and successful. Like other people are so in control of themselves and their feelings. It's like I give other people superpowers. We say that we're our own worst enemy. And I'm definitely mine. I wish sometimes that I could see myself from another perspective. I wish that I could look at myself, like I look at others...If I did me, like I do you.”

  • “Nobody” via The Honey Pop
    “A feel-good yet melancholic song about missing somebody. It's all a part of a bigger concept. Visually, it takes place in a house where this character lives in a time loop. She's stuck in the same day, doing the same things, and being watched by something bigger than her. It's really inspired by The Truman Show. It's like a dark comedy. Inspired by everything we go through in life.”

    “Living Life Right” via The Honey Pop
    “'Living Life Right' is one of my favorite songs… I think that's the big question though. How do we know? I do feel that I'm on the right paths sometimes and other times I feel really lost… All of these questions all the time. All the influences everyday, makes me sometimes feel like I should have done something different. I mean I'm fine, but at the same time, there is a lot of unanswered questions.”

    “'Dandelion' is a song about lost love. The kind of love that can't stay for obvious reasons... Still there is hope that one day it'll work out.”

    “Meteorite” with Gus Dapperton
    “'Meteorite' is a song that was originally written by Gus. He asked if I wanted to put a verse on it and collaborate which I, of course, wanted to do – I'm a big fan of him. I love the song and am so happy with how it came out. Our voices work really well together. It's a song about distance and how energy always connects us.”
  • source : Apple Music
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