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  • VENNA Releases New EP “Sugar Venom”: Streaming

  • Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter Shay Esposito, aka VENNA released a new EP “Sugar Venom” on October 28, 2022.
    It is her first project in five years since the 2017 album “Sunday”, which was released under her real name Shay Esposito.
    Also, the EP is her first music as VENNA.
    The EP comprises 5-track, produced by Trey Mills.
    VENNA said of the EP, “My new EP, Sugar Venom, is an honest look into the heart of toxic power dynamics. I'm telling the story of a deeply unsatisfied and selfish person seeking acceptance and unconditional love, and wreaking havoc along the way.”
    She continued, “Sugar Venom revolves around the idea of toxic, aggressive love. Drawing from the metaphysical motif of discovery and conquest (in this case, regarding the nature of people to seek dominance and power even in such a calm joy as love), this EP delves into the desperate desire to control the ones we love in order to remain invulnerable to abandonment and betrayal.”
  • She said, “This album was very difficult to write in that I had to put myself in the shoes of very malicious people. That said, I think we all have it in us to at least border on abusive – especially in the pursuit of something unconditional – when we become complacent in our self-work. I hope listeners can recognize the parts of themselves that can be harmful to others, not to feel guilt or defensiveness or pain, but to really understand, find the source, work it out, move on. Get better for yourself, and be better to others.”

  • VENNA explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “'V.' summarizes the 5 tracks. It's introspective, even apologetic, though it's clear the apology is not a promise of change, and the cycle will continue. You feel angry and frustrated when somebody apologizes to you but you know it's a manipulation. I want listeners to recognize these behaviors as warning signs.”

    “'Echo' was inspired by the idea of chasing lost love – or rather, the unwillingness to accept that love was lost. The narrator, while claiming that their love refuses to let go, is desperately clinging to the past as well.”

    “In line with my other releases this year, 'Only' was inspired by a toxic relationship dynamic. This song explores the weaponization of infidelity between two people who've both been hurt before, and their fight for power over one another. The relationship I'm describing is a constant battle for the upper hand, and both people have been hurt so badly by the other. It's heartbreaking, but you really can't feel too bad for either person either.”

    "Nirvana" is about using somebody else to perpetuate your own self-abuse. Inspired by the concept of masochism as a defense mechanism, it follows the story of someone choosing to continue a relationship they know is unhealthy because the gratification they get from it gives them a sense of control. We took hyperpop elements and built them into "Nirvana" with fairly raw vocals and a big guitar line.

    “With 'Melancholia,' I tried to emulate the beginning of an abusive relationship. The seduction, the progression into obsession, into possessiveness and manipulation, all wrapped up in a dynamic track meant to mirror the emotional highs and lows. I've often worried that my issues with mental health could be incredibly draining for my partner and that maybe it is inconsiderate to lean on them at all. These lyrics were born from a place of self-deprecation and developed from a very personal concern. Listeners should feel uncomfortable listening to this, recognizing that the controlling nature we romanticize in the media is actually incredibly harmful and can be very dangerous.”

    Photo by Tyler McIntyre
  • source : Apple Music
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