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  • BERWYN Premieres New Song “Path To Satisfaction” on BBC Radio 1

  • London-based Trinidad-born rapper BERWYN premiered a new song “Path To Satisfaction” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.

    It is his first music since the 2021 mixtape “TAPE 2/FOMALHAUT”.
    Also, the song is the first single off of his upcoming project. The accompanying music video was directed by Loose.
    BERWYN shared on social media, “It's funny how perfectly this new music centres around everything that's been going on. I spent the last 365 days in an identity crisis, trying to figure out wagwan, who am I? It's the story being told in real time. I guess it's because I kinda just open up the page and write whatever's going on in this moment, so that always leaves me safe for that. I'm honestly dictating, at least. I feel like it is the human struggle to question and figure out who the self is and I feel like this new music does that. In all the multifaceted ways, the exploration of the self manifests. I figured out I could be all of these people in one.”
    Earlier this year, he returned to his country Trinidad, where he reunited with his father. His experience in his country reflect to the new song.
    BERWYN said of the song, “Path To Satisfaction recognises the change that comes with growth. It acknowledges the path towards realising my identity and anticipates the future of Berwyn, that a man can have two homes and his body will know the difference.”
  • BERWYN told Clara Amfo, “Both two things. Topically, it's exploring a different range of dangers now. This person isn't so much in the most dangerous place in the world, but he still is inclined to certain dangers in life that he now has to be aware of, to protect himself. Secondly from that, I don't know I spent the last year listening to music absorbing myself and culture. And I find a lack of ambition and bravery all put all over the place. So I just thought I'd make it my job. I'm adamant to shake up, like Taylor Swift.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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