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  • Anna Clendening Releases New EP “UNTITLED X'S”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Anna Clendening has released her third EP “UNTITLED X'S” via Atlantic Records.

    It is her first project in two years since the 2020 EP “Evolve”.
    The EP comprises 5-track, produced by Colin Brittain.
    She drafted the EP after an 18-month hiatus relocating from Los Angeles to Nashville.
    Anna Clendening said of the EP, “I wanted to write about the past five relationships I've had just to get it all out there. Being a spiteful human sometimes, I thought it would be cool to name each song after a guy. My manager said it wouldn't be cool to get sued—he was right. That's how we came up with 'UNTITLED X'S.' Every song is very much about a specific person.”
    She continued, “This is just the beginning of my comeback, and I'm so excited. This new chapter in my music career feels like a set back honestly, but it just means I get to fall in love with my music all over again.”
  • Anna Clendening explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “I always bought oversized shirts at every tour stop. I let this guy I was dating borrow one. Fast forward, we break up, he ends up dating his co-worker, called me on FaceTime, and he was wearing that shirt. He knowingly put it on to call me. There was overlap. Did he cheat? I think so. It doesn't matter at this point, but it does. I thought, 'How funny would it be if his girlfriend ended up pulling the shirt out of his drawer and wearing it?' I was playing out this scenario in the song.”

    “Girls Like You”
    “Everyone has a 'coming out song,' and I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, but it's a response to 'Boys Like You' about a girl I met from Florida who I ended up kissing. It was written for myself.”

    “I Don't Even Like You Anymore”
    “It's out… after a year and some change. One of my favorite songs is finally out. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. One of my favorite things to come out of quarantine was writing this with Rob Grimaldi and Riley Biederer. Thank you guys for making it one of my most successful zoom session. Thank you Colin Brittain for taking this above and beyond, helping me keep an open mind, and taking this to the next level. My biggest hype man and has always been in my corner.”
  • source : Apple Music
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