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  • Casey Møøn Releases New Song “glass”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Casey Møøn will release his upcoming EP “mirrors” on November 27, 2022.

    The EP is second part of trilogy, the first part “Fountains” was released back in August.
    Each project varies in genre and draws thematic influence from a different film or TV series. Listened to sequentially, the projects tell a painful story about growing up, love and loss.
    From the EP, the first single called “glass”. The track was inspired by David Lynch's “Twin Peaks”.
    “'glass' is about confidence. It's about the masks we put on, the skin we slip into,” Casey Moon said of the song. “The lyrics are inspired by Twin Peaks. The character Donna had such a dramatic shift of personality at one point, I remember being really struck by it. Got me thinking a lot about identity and performance, especially as a teenager. I wanted to elicit the sense of potential that I had back then. Feeling like I could be anyone when I met up with my friends to get ready to go out for the night.”
    He continued, “That really sums up the ethos of the mirrors EP. The accumulation of all your experiences bringing you to a place where you can just bask in them. Like the last day of high school in an 80s movie.”
  • source : Apple Music
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