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  • Kat Leigh Releases Debut Song “Somebody Else”

  • American alt-rock singer-songwriter Kat Leigh released their debut song “Somebody Else” on July 27, 2022 via BMG.

    The track was written by Katherine Leigh Regan and Keith J Wallen. Produced by Erik Ron.
    They made the song during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown almost remotely.
    The song chronicles the deep longing of wanting to know what it feels like to be someone who “fits in and knows where they belong” drawing on experiences of growing up without their mother and being bullied at school.
    Kat Leigh shared on social media, “For a long time I've struggled with the feeling of wishing I could be somebody else. Somebody secure in their identity, somebody without anxiety, somebody with their mom still around, somebody who felt better than I felt. I've put the last 21 years of my life into this project and I'm so excited to finally share that my first song Somebody Else.”
    They continued, “I cant believe after over 2 years of working with so many incredible artists and producers that I admire, writing nearly all my music over zoom, going back and forth from Boston to LA, I finally get to share what I've put literal blood sweat and tears into. In the time Ive been working with BMG I have faced some of the hardest challenges of my life, and I can't thank my team enough for sticking by me and believing in me through all of it, I'm truly blessed to have everyone I have. This is just the beginning yall, we have 2 years of music to share with you.”
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    The accompanying music video was directed by Christina Bryson.
    Kat Leigh said of the video, “This video means a lot to me because the feelings I talk about in the song are so hard to express in the first place, so to be able to have visualized that feeling is a very validating experience, and kind of confidence boosting to look the way I felt even if I got the reactions I got. Every day my anxiety is so debilitating that it can take me a half hour just to gain the courage to get myself a drink at the gas station. But as soon as I was doing this video and had the prosthetics and the makeup it's like every ounce of anxiety I've ever had could melt away because my body felt like how I would have it if I could.”
    They continued, “People on the street didn't know what parts were real and fake and I loved it. I've lived a lot of life in a short amount of time and with that came a lot of realizations, one being that every single person no matter what race, what gender, where you live, how much money you make, we're all identical on the inside. We're all just human beings. That's how I see the world and how I wish someday the world sees me. Not as a girl or a boy or even non-binary, not for my job or who I love, I don't want to put myself or others into labels and categories. My music doesn't even have a definite genre! I definitely feel like this video portrayed that feeling for me.”

  • Photo by Shervin Lainez
  • source : Apple Music
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