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  • GRAMMS Releases Debut Song “Shut Up A Second”

  • British alt-rock duo GRAMMS has released their debut song “Shut Up A Second”.

    The song is flecked with classic alt-rock stylings but taking an innovative approach to production
    It was written by Samuel Paul Jenkins and Paul Bowe.
    The duo said of the song, “The song explores what partisanship is doing to our ability to empathise. We used the trope of 'Rich man / Poor man' to explore the issue in the verses: the first verse depicts a disgruntled underclass, while the second focuses on a nervous ruling elite. The chorus is about how incessant partisan noise from the media ultimately erodes our natural empathy.”
    GRAMMS consists of Sam Jenkins, and Paul Bowe who is known as a founding member of British blues rock band Federal Charm.
  • Photo by George Cooper
  • source : Apple Music
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