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  • Ben Rector Drops New Music Video for “Heroes”

  • Nashville-based singer-songwriter Ben Rector has dropped a new music video for “Heroes” directed by Ben Kadie.

    The song is included on his eighth studio album “The Joy of Music”, which was released back in March.
    It was written and produced by Ben Rector with co-production by John Fields.
    Ben Rector shared on social media, “The ‘Heroes’ portion of the short film is my favorite part. Getting the idea to work took a lot of effort and creativity and I think it’s the best cinematography in the whole piece. You can now watch the whole thing on my YouTube channel.”
    He added, “The drummer and guitarist play in a band together and learned the song note for note in double speed, which is nearly impossible. (I too learned the song segments in double speed and it is nearly impossible). The costumes were custom made and are actually pretty sick. The bassist had never played bass and was a great sport about the whole thing.”
  • He said of the song, “Heroes is a song about realizing you can't see life like you did when you a kid. It's about getting out into the great big world, expecting it to fit inside your worldview, clean and neat, and instead realizing that the puzzle pieces of life don't fit together perfectly (or at all sometimes). Seeing the world in anew way doesn't mean that things like hope or love or faith aren't real, I believe they very much are, it's just that sometimes living in the nuances and tensions of reality makes me miss the time before I knew life was complicated. I hope the song feels like a pat on the back to anyone who is trying to make sense of the disparity between the way thought things would be and the way things are. It's me saying, 'Yeah. Me too.'”
  • source : YouTube
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