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  • One Hidden Frame Releases New Album “I Am Not Here”: Streaming

  • Finnish punk rock band One Hidden Frame, consisting of Pekka Multaharju (lead vocals/guitar), Vesa Sinkko (guitar/backing vocals), Emil Stenbäck (drums) and Vesa Ahonen (bass/backing vocals), released their sixth studio album “I Am Not Here” on April 8, 2022 via Thousand Islands Records.
    It is their first album in five years since the 2017 album “Harmful Content”.
    The album comprises 12-track. The band started making the album in 2020.
    Pekka Multaharju told Ear Nutrition about the album. “Before this new album, only 'The Water Seems Inviting' had two songs by Vesku, our other guitarist. 'I Am Not here' will have twelve tracks, of which seven are mine, three from Vesa and two from Vesku. Of course, there are some riffs here and there that were placed on others' songs, but it has been refreshing and I hope it brings something new for the listeners.”
  • He continued, “I think we have thought out the arrangements more than ever, with everyone in the studio suggesting additional things. I'm pretty lazy on making the final touches when recording, so it is great that I've had more help from the other guys when I'm out of brain activity, hah! There are a couple of moments that are now goosebumped to the maximum because of them, I wouldn't have had the patience alone, heh.”
    He added, “I think everything went smoothly though, I remember having more stress on the previous albums. We stayed on the schedule when recording. We were supposed to start recording in 2020 but it looked like it would be better to have the album out in 2022 rather than in 2021, so that turned out better in the end. That is funny by the way, that you said “the playground” because that is one of the song titles.”

  • Pekka Multaharju explained some tracks for the album.

    “You Are Free To Go”
    “I was 8 years old when we got a dog. I grew up with him and learned how animals have their own personality, they are individuals. 11 years later, during winter, I fell asleep and forgot that he was outside. I woke up and went to look for him and he was somehow not the same and I was afraid the cold did something bad. The next day at the vet, I had to let him go because of a diagnosed organ failure. In tears, I felt guilty, apologized and held him in my arms until the last breath. Few months before his death I had quit eating meat. Because of him I understood that as a creature that can feel, a cow or a pig is no different than a dog.”

    “Watch For Your Head On The Way Out”
    “A recent research of data from 50 years by David Hope of the London School of Economics and Julian Limberg of King's College London found that tax cuts for the rich in 18 countries predominantly benefited the wealthy. Cutting taxes on the rich increases top income shares, but has little effect on economic performance. So it seems our heads are safe when it comes to anything trickling down on us.”

    “Run To The Rescue With Love”
    “Alright then! Here is the opening track of our new album. We wanted you to hear this track first, because it sets the tone for the whole journey. An anthem for people who work for a sustainable world, but still feel guilty of not doing enough. It is important that you try, but within the limits of your mental health. Encourage each other and treat other life forms with empathy and good things will happen eventually. Long walks are made of small steps.”
  • source : Apple Music
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