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  • Dove Cameron Drops New Music Video for “Boyfriend”

  • Back in February, American actress and singer-songwriter Dove Cameron released “Boyfriend” as her first single of her upcoming EP.
    She teased the song to TikTok, where the clip gained over 4.7 million views.
    The track was written by Cameron, Delacey, Evan Blair and Skyler Stonestreet, and produced by Evan Blair.
    “In writing 'Boyfriend,' I feel like I finally found my sound, my perspective and myself in a way I wasn't sure I ever would,” Dove Cameron said of the song in a press release. “I am so immensely happy to have this song and this part of me out in the world. I hope you feel access to yourself when you listen to it too.”
    On April 1, she officially dropped a new music video for the song directed by Lauren Sick.
    “There's a lot of imagery in the music video that is very ... playing on the dichotomy of the sexes and the men in the club being all thrashing and maybe even a little bit unaware and in like borderline violence. And then the girls' connection really being the safety and the consistency,” she told PEOPLE about the video. “I think women speak to other women and you're always hearing stories about how mistreated they are or how the men in their lives have even — not even mistreated, but just not been what these women deserve.”
    She continued, “I wanted this story to be an actual clear love story where it didn't feel male-gazey and it didn't feel objectifying. And it felt like these two powerhouse equal women were finding each other in this world. And there was this magical spark there.”
    She plans the second single “Breakfast” from the EP.
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  • Photo by Kristen Jan Wong
  • source : YouTube
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