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  • Sophia Marie Releases Debut EP “Foreigner”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Sophia Marie released her debut EP “Foreigner” on March 11, 2022.
    The EP comprises 3-track, including the debut single “Venice Beach to D.C.” and two new songs. Produced by Steve Ornest.
    The EP deals with feelings of being a foreigner both domestically and abroad.
    Sophia Marie shared on social media, “This EP deals with feelings of being a foreigner, out of place in new environments, but also romanticizing them, whether that be domestically, from being a girl from « across the country » coming to D.C. from L.A., or abroad.”
    She continued, “This EP tackles studying International Politics at Georgetown University with my West Coast roots and all, venturing into the DC dating scene with wannabe JFK types, and falling in love with and romanticizing people with different accents who speak different languages. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did writing and making these songs by myself with my red guitar in my room in D.C. 🍒❤️🎸”
  • Sophia Marie explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Venice Beach to D.C.”
    “My debut single Venice Beach to D.C. is an autobiographical account of my own personal relocation from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. to attend school at Georgetown University for International Politics. It's an empowering anthem about a girl with West Coast roots trading in beach city life for Back East, a true foreigner with something to prove in this new environment across the country.”

    “This track deals with falling in love with foreign men because of their accents and because they speak different languages but then later realizing that just because a man is foreign, it doesn't mean you should be *obsessed* with him. Yeah, he's tall and he's handsome, and he has a cool name that you don't pronounce correctly (neither does your father, who always gets it wrong), but you shouldn't be infatuated with him just because he's not an American. So this is for all the people out there who romanticize foreigners from different countries, who are always left *flirtatiously* cursing, 'damn you, foreigner, you get such an unfair advantage.'”

    “This song is about encountering for the first time, the dating scene in Washington, D.C. While in high school, boys bragged about being on the varsity football team, in D.C., these twenty-something-year-old men have a tendency to brag about their Capitol Hill internship, their political and consulting networks, and, even--SHOCKING!--their 6th-grade MUN accolades. And you're just left there thinking, God, you're such a narcissist...”

  • Photo by Kate Lawlor
  • source : Apple Music
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