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  • 0171 Releases Two New Songs “Burnout” & “The Basics Are Coming Back”

  • London-based alt-pop duo 0171, consisting of producers/singers Joe Bedell-Brill and Georgie Hoare, is back. The duo released two new songs “Burnout” and “The Basics Are Coming Back”.
    The singles are their first music since in two years since the 2020 EP “Change Nothing”.
    The songs are taken from their upcoming third EP “Welcome Back To My Channel”.
    The duo said of the songs, “Burnout is a collage of the way people think when they are depressed. We liked the idea of singing about propofol, a general anaesthetic, and the song reflects that soft numbness. There's a kind of release in admitting you're burning out, the song has a strangely uplifting feeling to us. As we wrote darker lyrics than we had done previously, the songs got faster and more upbeat, like we were finding the fun again in making music.”
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    • PTb0-c9u8mo

    They continued, “The Basics Are Coming Back was written first as an instrumental. We produced it in Wales, having fun dancing around to it with a crazily beautiful view of the summer sun setting over sheep lying down in fields. Maybe it was the lack of running water there that first inspired the line 'the basics are coming back'. It's meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek. But we love that way lyrics gain depth as you repeat them in a song. Whenever we listen to it the line takes on a different meaning. In a way this song feels like the beginning of a fresh start - a return to positivity. But then it's also about the way we obsessively chase the fads that are supposed to make us feel better. Losing our heads trying to live our lives in specific but fleeting ways.”
    The new EP is expected to be released later this year.

  • source : Apple Music
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