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  • Jesse McCartney Releases New Song “Party For Two”

  • American pop singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney has released a new song “Party For Two” from his upcoming sixth studio album “New Stage”.
    The song follows up “Kiss The World Goodbye”, which was released back in July.
    It was written by Jesse McCartney, and Andy Seltzer, who also produced the track.
    Jesse McCartney shared on social media, “If you know someone who isn't afraid to tell you how they feel, has changed your life for the better, or has danced naked with you in the kitchen after a couple bottles of wine…this is your new song. This one goes out to my best friend and future wife… Katie Peterson ❤️
    The new album features love songs written for his fiancée Katie Peterson.
    He told Bustle about the album, “When I did get back in the studio, I was in this very reflective place. Maybe it was because I hadn't made music in a while, and I had this sense of gratitude, especially in this relationship we're in ... I'm not very good at being vulnerable, but music is the one place I've been able to allow myself to pull back the curtain a little bit. It feels like this was an opportunity for people to see the negative implications of being a big pop star when you're a young child. That's not to say I'm complaining through this album. It shows the spectrum of how [I] feel. I wanted to talk about that [and] meeting Katie, and it's made for a very honest album.”
  • source : Spotify
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