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  • Astoria State Releases Debut EP “The Suffer, The Salvage”: Streaming

  • American rock band Astoria State, consisting of Danny Resnick (lead vocals, guitar), Jesse Carroll (guitar) and Cameron Horst (bass), released their debut EP “The Suffer, The Salvage” on August 27, 2021.
    The EP comprises 6-track, including a debut song “Leave It To Me”. Produced by Ronnie Winter.
    Also, the band unveiled a new single “War” along with a lyric video.
    Danny Resnick said of “War”, “Musically, 'War' is just an explosive rock song with big choruses. The high-energy crowd response each night is a testament to the power of this song. It's quite punchy through the choruses, but still has room to breathe in the verses as it addresses some of these deeper and more emotional subjects lyrically. The chaos and urgency of this song is really something we wanted to portray not just with the lyrics but with the music, and the whole thing just came together really well for us.”
    He added, “We're proud of this one. It's the perfect focus track to release alongside our debut EP, The Suffer, The Salvage”.
    The band has currently been touring in support of the EP since August 26, 2021. The tour will conclude at Launch Theater in Albuquerque on October 17, 2021.
    Learn more about tour dates, click here.
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    Danny Resnick explained of other tracks.

    “Nobody Knows”
    “'Nobody Knows' is a song that we really wanted to portray the visual and ethereal feeling of the chaos that can ensue in life. We wanted to project the feeling that takes over sometimes when the wreckage is so visceral. It is a recollection of being in a dark place without the answers, and making a plea to find them. The song is the about the revelation you have when you are running away from the carnage without a place to go. Ultimately, it's about accepting that we don't know the answers, but having the hope that our resolve will lead us to them”.

    “Leave It To Me”
    “'Leave It To Me' is just a good, old fashion rock song. It has these light verses that are very friendly and seem chipper though they serve almost as more of a confessional, or at least the reflections of someone who is beaten but not broken. This 'confessional' takes you through the roller coaster of emotions about defeat, self-doubt, criticism, apathy, and hopelessness. However, it winds right back up with this boost of confidence, self-assuredness, resolve, and an unbreakable mindset: We get knocked down, but we're never out – We get up and try again. I'm gonna brush the dust off, lick my wounds, leave it behind and try again. The bottom line is in life, we all lose, and we all fail at times – everyone can feel sometimes defeated, depressed, inadequate. But what we do with those thoughts, how we react to them, and how we respond to them is what truly defines us. As long as we reflect, grow, and learn from it – then it all works out in the end.”
  • source : Apple Music
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