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  • Maggie Lindemann Releases Debut EP “PARANOIA”: Streaming

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Maggie Lindemann released her debut EP “PARANOIA” on January 22, 2021.
    The EP comprises of 8-track, featuring guest appearance from Siiickbrain.
    Maggie Lindemann shared on social media, “MY 1ST EVER EP “PARANOIA” IS OUT NOW!!! i can't even put into words all the emotions i'm feeling rn. thank you so much for being patient with me. thank you to everyone that worked on this with me. i love you guys and appreciate you guys more than LIFE ITSELF!! thank you x1000000!!”
    The EP features rock, pank and pop sound vibe like early Paramore.
    Also, she plans to create her debut album, following the EP. “I have three songs already, but I'm still just in the beginning,” she said. “But I do want to have an album out not too too much longer after the EP drops, hopefully next year.”
    Maggie Lindemann explained track-by-track for the EP below.
  • “Knife Under My Pillow”
    “I lived in this house for a few years, and I was always paranoid that there was someone in the house with me […] It was sort of driving me insane, to the point that I started keeping a knife under my pillow at night, so this song is very literal.”

    “GASLIGHT! is a song about taking back the power someone has tried to gaslight and manipulate you. It's big f+++ off to that person...ha! This song was written so quickly and was really a freestyle between myself and Siiickbrain. This song was supper catharitic to write and sing.”

    “It's such a cute, quirky movie, but if you really dig deeper, you realize the struggles he faced with society's norms and his inability to get too close to the people he loved without hurting them, I feel like I really relate with that, and the concept was just too good to not write about.”

    “'Loner' is about feeling alone even when there are people around. It's about coming to terms with it and being comfortable in your alone-ness and giving yourself permission to feel sad if that is how you feel. Everyone has those moments, especially this year and especially around holidays. It's OK. You're not alone.”

    “I was performing and someone tried telling me to get off stage in the middle of a song. I got off and people from immigration told us I didn't have the right papers to perform there. I was really scared and we ended up getting taken to the immigration center and got booked. I was in a jail cell for over 24 hours and then we were on house arrest in the hotel for five days until they finally let us go back to the U.S.
    Coming home from Malaysia really sparked something in me. It made me realize that if I'm not doing exactly what I want to be doing, then it's not worth it. If crazy shit is going to happen to me, I want to at least be having a great time and doing exactly what I want to do.”
  • source : Spotify
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