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  • Pixey Premieres New Song “The Thrill Of It” on BBC Radio 1

  • Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Pixey premiered a new song “The Thrill Of It” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.

    The song is the follow-up to the collaborative song “Daisy Chain” with Tayo Sound, which was released last June.
    It was written by Elizabeth Hillesdon, and produced by Pixey and Rich Turvey.
    Pixey said of the song, “'The Thrill Of It' was the first time I felt like I had processed the experience enough to actually write about it. The song reflects a time in my life where I was confined to recovery whilst my friends were living their own lives carefree. I was struggling with the paradox of being young and unable to keep up with the pace, whilst other people my age were pushing their bodies to the brink, just for the sheer joy of it."
    She continued, “Although the track moves into the pop realm more than my previous work, it's still heavily influenced by some of my favourite 90s tunes, not just lyrically but also with the heavy vocal delay. It's an invitation to dance, but more than anything I'd love for the listener to just feel each beat as the chance to forget their struggles and simply feel the thrill.”
  • She added, “Genre bending was something I wanted to experiment with, tailoring to the moods of each song but still keeping to the core big beat elements. I wanted to write a record that kept a sunny sound but was more anxious lyrically. More than anything, I want the listener to feel like they can dip into an alternate world for a while, whether it's comforting or not."

  • Pixey told Clara Amfo about the song, “My first, completely self produced, written and recorded, leave single. This was my first time writing a dance track. It's a bit different to the stuff I've written before. And it's got a really significant meaning for me as well. It's my first time writing about my serious illness that I had about seven years ago. And I remember just watching everybody else, sort of being young and dancing girls, and I was kind of bed bound and house bound. So I kind of want to scratch track that I think people could dance to 'The Thrill Of It' is that she is as simple as it sounds really. The surface but underneath it's got quite a significant meaning for me. So I really hope you will love it.”

    Photo by Marieke Macklon
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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