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  • Valley Releases New Song “hiccup”

  • The Juno Awards nominated, Canadian alt-pop band Valley released a new song “hiccup” on September 17th.
    The song follows up “nevermind” released back in July. It was written by Rob Laska, Karah James, Alex DiMauro, Mike Brandolino and Lowell.
    The band explained, “'hiccup’ is the story of a person that you once knew everything about, and they knew everything about you. Maybe you were ghosted, unfollowed, or blocked. Regardless, the time you spent together feels like an illusion and despite your best effort to get over them, a small part of you still wonders what they’re doing now," VALLEY shares. "There are so many breakup songs out in the world already, but this is our truth on heartbreak. The word "hiccup" felt like the right way to title the feeling of a “breakup” visually without being too obvious. Hiccups are like little texts your mind receives with attachments of photos, memories, and locations, where there's no "do not disturb button' to help process losing someone. Having those kinda' hiccups really sucks.”
  • The accompanying music video was directed by Oliver Whitfield-Smith. The band filmed it at their local skate park.
    The band said, “we’ve always identified the "hiccup" video concept as being a sentimental sequel to the song. It feels like the last phase of a breakup where you finally reclaim your sense of self again; doing things for you again, surrounded by good people and a genuine sense of closure on your past. It’s important to us that every visual piece we create as a band, we intertwine our past, and build on our personal and collective narrative in the aesthetic. For the video: what do you do after a breakup? You dye and shave your head, you get a tattoo, you skate with your friends and eat shitty food. And that’s exactly what we did. At least that’s what we would do? Did?”
  • source : Pressparty
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