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  • Kiesza Releases New EP “Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Kiesza released her new EP “Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1” on May 24, 2024.

    The EP is the first volume of her upcoming multiple volumes album “Dancing and Crying”.
    The album is her first body of work since the 2020 third studio album “Crave”.

    Back in February, Kiesza said of the album, “It isn't an album, it's an Opus. Dancing and Crying is the title, as well as my entire body of work, spanning multiple volume of music to come. The heart of this project is shared with my co-collaborators and close friends Sugar Jesus and Sunt Dracone, who helped this vision unfold together with me, through all the crazy ideas and curveballs that came our way.”

    The new EP comprises a 6-track, in which Kiesza wrote and produced with Sugar Jesus and K Sotomayor together.

    Kiesza said of the EP, “This new volume or current of music comes out of a personal chapter of letting go and embracing the way things are, as they unfold. There is time in this music, 4 a.m. sleepless nights of poetry, belly laughs with close friends, deep existential discussions about the nature of reality, adventures in the badlands, storytelling, nordic blizzards, midnight dance parties, love, loss, pain and most of all true friendship. The nucleus of this sound-storm is held together by a community that has been dancing, crying and growing together through the entire journey.”
  • She continued, “Dancing and Crying is my most deeply personal and meaningful project to date and Volume One is written and produced together with Sugar Jesus and K Sotomayor, who I now call some of my closest friends. What sets this project aside is the foundation of trust at its core. It began unexpectedly and has carried us all through the unexpected since the day it came to life. I'm truly grateful for all of the magic this music brought into my life. And the best part is that it's still only just beginning!”

    She shared on socil media, “I just wanted to let everyone know how grateful I am to have so much support for this new chapter of music. I’ve been wanting to share the side of my musicality with you for so long and really hope to inspire others to feel safe being vulnerable with their own self expression. It’s so important to feel confident sharing our whole- self with others, regardless of the judgment. We’re all here with a unique purpose that only we can feel deep within ourselves and I love that this community and ecosystem is so open and receptive to one another’s individuality. Sending love to all of you and I hope we can all be together singing dancing and crying soon!”

  • Kiesza explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Dancing and Crying”
    “'Dancing and Crying' was the initial spark that launched this upcoming volume of music. It was the first song Sugar Jesus and I began, and the last to be completed for this volume. 'Dancing and Crying' is an Opus. A series of contrasting musical ideas, woven together by a foundation of house beats and basslines, bridges the gap between my folk origins and the dance music that marked my place on the global map. When my close friend, Grammy-nominated songwriter K. Sotomayor, joined our bite-sized writing team, we revisited this song with fresh ears. Together, the three of us brought it to completion, with a new perspective on the journey we had embarked on, both together and individually. So, in a way, “Dancing and Crying” is both the beginning and the end of Vol. 1. You can think of this title track as the MC of the show, preparing you for what lies ahead. This song is the catalyst for all that has come and will come to pass in this chapter. From its womb came the vision as a whole, from which all else has and will unfold.”

    “I Go Dance”
    “'I Go Dance' was a song where the lyrics just rolled off my tongue in a matter of seconds. With about 50% of the lyrics already in place, (Canadian producer) Sugar Jesus had already begun the beat for it in advance, and the second I heard it, I jumped up and started dancing! It's one of those songs that felt very channelled. It came pre-written from the ether, and it was up to me to fill in the blanks. One day, while working on another song together, I played it for (Grammy-nominated songwriter) K Sotomayor and we began talking in depth about how everything in life, be it light or dark, is in some way connected to self-healing. With that intention in mind, we wrote the verse together and we're able to fill in all the blanks effortlessly. It's one of those tunes that is a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing. As simple as it is, there's more depth than one might think upon their first listen.”

    “The Mysterious Disappearance of Etta Place”
    “Etta Place, known as the lover of the Sundance Kid, vanished and was never seen again after he and Butch Cassidy were shot dead. Subsequently, photographs surfaced of a woman who looked strikingly similar, living a whole new life. Etta Place, somewhat of a female outlaw herself, and her mysterious vanishing act really sparked my curiosity. I wondered where she went after her lover was shot dead and decided to let that thread of inspiration write the song. This song marks the beginning of a shift in sound, where I introduce the folk and soulful storytelling influences of my prairie upbringing into my music, fusing it with dance. I'm truly excited for this new chapter to unfold, as it reveals a side of my artistry that I have yet to share until this very moment.”

    Photo by Ky Watt
    Background photo by Paige Margulies
  • source : Apple Music
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