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  • Paige Bea Announces New EP “Goodbye, Then!”, Shares New Song “4x4”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Paige Bea announced her second EP “Goodbye, Then!” would be released on November 25, 2022.

    It is her first project in three years since the 2019 EP “Burnout”.
    From the EP, she unveiled the second single called “4x4”, following “Melt” on October 5, 2022.
    The track was written and produced by Paige Bea, Leo Wyatt and Jonjo Keefe.
    The song seeks to interpret the emotions felt in the euphoric early stages of a new relationship.
    Paige Bea said of the song, “It's an ode to the twisted honeymoon period after you first meet someone mesmerising, when you feel yourself falling hard and fast for someone and have the dark realisation you'd probably be happy to lose large parts of yourself to be with them. I wrote this song to perfectly encapsulate the feelings of dread and excitement that accompany a late night journey to that new romantic obsession - while also riffing off the sensory assault that London can be. Drinking in the cold air, watching the street lamps flicker, glass glistening, couples arguing on the street.”
  • The 6-track EP explores the obsessions and projections that come with all relationships. From lustful beginnings to shaky middles, bitter ends to rose-tinted re-imaginings of the past - the music aims to chart how warped perceptions of romantic relationships directly lead to their downfall.
    Paige Bea said of the EP, “The production, lyrical themes and aesthetics surrounding 'Goodbye, Then!' are a slow sharpening of my sense of self. It starts dark, murky and jagged and eventually reaches a place of clarity and peace. The maximalist approach to the EP is a significant contrast to how small I was made to feel - and that was important. These songs are about making myself the main character again and I want this EP to make those who listen feel empowered, sexy and resolute in stories of their own heartbreak too. Creating beautiful art out of yet another London manchild is my sonic portal to the other side.”

  • Photo by Ben Cole
  • source : Apple Music
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