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  • Holysseus Fly Releases New Song “Teach Me”

  • Bristol-based singer-songwriter Holysseus Fly released a new song “Teach Me” along with a music video on September 15, 2023.

    The song is the fourth single off of her upcoming debut EP “Birthpool”, which is set to be released on November 3, 2023.
    The track was written and produced by Holysseus Fly, with production by Rob Pemberton.
    The accompanying video was directed by Jack Liley.
    A knowing side-eye and challenge to undermining patriarchal voices, the track sees Holysseus Fly step even further into her power as an artist dripping in main character energy.
    “I wrote Teach Me as a fun relief from the heavier moments on the EP, but its message is just as important, continuing the narrative of empowerment, this time through a feminist lens,” Holysseus Fly said of the song. “Teach Me pokes fun at mansplaining and wonders how it would feel to have the entitlement of a privileged, cis gendered white man. Anyone in the music industry that doesn't identify as this will know how it feels to fight loud, patronising, overpowering voices that assume they know better. I don't want us to make ourselves smaller, or feel we have to talk or play music like them to be respected, we are enough as we are.”
  • She continued, “The video features the first dance routine I choreographed with Bethany Kyle for my live shows. China Bowls created a 20 foot cape to visually elevate the finale of the song. A representation of rising above it all, becoming my own star, without need of external validation from anyone.”
    Director Jack Liley said of the video, “Holly approached me with the idea to film a live performance video in one take adapting a routine from her live shows. We wanted to make an empowering video where Holly is unapologetically herself.”
    He continued, “We found this amazing location, a recently renovated church in Bristol, the perfect setting to poke fun at the patriarchy. The video begins with a soft introduction to Holly alone playing the piano, then reveals the dancers, much like the stage show. The song has the most amazing, etherial and angelic finale where it feels like Holly is flown up into heaven like an angel. We achieved this by applying vaseline to a filter which set a spacey glow on the steady cam - we had a really fun day.”

  • Photo by Giulia Spadafora
  • source : Apple Music
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