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  • Grooblen Announces New Album “A Wormhole is a Freeway to the Stars”, Shares New Song “Twiggy Molts”

  • San Francisco-based dream pop punk singe-songwriter Ellie Stokes' project Grooblen, consisting of Ellie Stokes (vocals/guitar), Alejandro Lara-Agraz (bass) and Sean Aaron (drums), announced the sophomore album “A Wormhole is a Freeway to the Stars” would be released on June 23, 2023.

    From the album, Grooblen unveiled a new song “Twiggy Molts” on April 28, 2023, following “Tear” and “Gastropod” released back in March.
    The song came from Ellie Stokes’ pet gecko (Twiggy) lost an eye during a natural shedding cycle.
    Ellie Stokes said of the song, “I wrote this during my old pet gecko's (Twiggy's) shedding cycle where I was struck by the parallels between her and my own life, when this sweet little lizard had to undergo some recovery after a mystery illness.”
    She continued, “The tune is imagined from Twiggy's perspective - being surrounded by chirping crickets, not feeling like she was able to shed her old skin entirely and being somewhat afraid of the unknown yet feeling very sheltered and protected. when I had her sometimes we’d sit by the piano and hang out together!”
  • She added, “This was one of the first songs I wrote on the piano that I really connected with and initially I recorded a silly little demo of it on my own which was on my first self-recorded EP, The Initial Groobles. when I met producer Jim Greer I felt like he'd help me give this song a new shedding cycle (heheh) with his amazing recording and production. and WOWEE Tori did such an amazing job on this beautiful lyric videooooooooooo!”

  • Photo by Jozie Zamjahn
    Background photo by Dave Espy
  • source : Apple Music
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