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  • lozeak Releases Debut Mixtape “Gut Feeling”

  • London-based alt-rock-pop singer-songwriter lozeak released her debut mixtape “Gut Feeling” on March 31. 2023.

    The mixtape comprises 10-track, and produced by The Nocturns and Oskar Widén. Written by Charles Martin, Charlie Martin, Joe Housley and lozeak.
    lozeak said of the EP, “My new mixtape Gut Feeling is practically my diary from age 16-19. Every single song on the tape represents a different GUT FEELING I've had growing up whilst overcoming life's obstacles as a teenage girl. The concepts I've written about are all very true to me and my life! I want my mixtape to be the backing track to teenagers' lives who relate to what I'm saying, just like it was for mine.”
  • She continued, “I've been writing and developing this mixtape since I was 16 years old. Some of these songs were written while I was still at music college, working a job that paid me £4.35 an hour to make ice cream, some of them the day after I turned 18 and experienced getting tattoos for the first time, some of them whilst I was going through what seemed like the end of my world- heartbreak lol.”
    She added, “Every single song on the tape represents a different GUT FEELING I've had throughout this journey- my instincts have helped me stay true to myself throughout my growth and experience as a young female growing up- developing and paving my own path in this fucking weird world. 5 year old me would be screaming right now- i'm eternally grateful that I get to make art every day and you guys get to listen to it.”

  • lozeak explained some tracks for the mixtape.

    “Basically 'XO' is about cheating, but I want us to do it in a different way. So I did it in the perspective of a cheater, kind of interesting. But it actually means knots and crosses. So basically playing someone like a game.”

    “Dry Eyes”
    “I feel like every time somebody asks me, I say a different song, but my favourite is probably 'Dry Eyes'. I just relate with it so much. It's about being numb in relationships."

    “Used To You”
    “I wrote 'Used To You' the day after my 17th birthday, in my first ever session with The Nocturns (who are now massive collaborators of the project). I wrote the song about feeling detached from reality and the outside world after lockdown ended. A few years later listening back to the song made me realise I relate to it in a different way – I was in a long term relationship and got way too comfortable. I really want all my fans to interpret the song however they want to, just like I did!”

    “Cutthroat” via DMY
    “I always struggle with upsetting people, and I struggle to end relationships or friendships because I don't wanna be the bad guy. But as I was writing that I realized that sometimes you have to be.”

    “Seasick” via CLASH
    “There's a song on there called 'Seasick', it's not my usual song, it's a slow one. I wrote it when I was in Denmark by myself, by the sea and I really resonate with the song and I think other people will as well.”
  • source : Apple Music
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