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  • Hiatus Kaiyote Releases New Song “Red Room”

  • Australian jazz-funk band Hiatus Kaiyote unveiled a new song “Red Room” from their upcoming third studio album “Mood Valiant”.
    The track was written by Simon Mavin, Perrin Moss, Paul Bender and Nai Palm. The accompanying music video was directed by Tré Koch.
    Frontwoman Nai Palm shared on social media, “Red Room was a jam at the studio Cia. dos Técnicos Studios at around 3am in Rio after a full day of tracking with legend Arthur Verocai. The engineer William Luna was such a gem and let us be studio rats all night. ⁠
    As a result, we ended up adding two additional cuts to Mood Valiant. I never write lyrics on the fly, but this song just wanted to exist. We laid down a couple of passes, and that was that. Sleepy, raspy voice, imperfections and all.”
    She continued, “The vocal booth had a red light in it, and reminded me of the beauty of my old house I used to live in. All the windows were red stained glass and whenever the sunset, my whole room would glow red for an hour until the sun dipped down. A magic moment in my everyday. It's the celebration of the sanctuary of having a nest or a home. Something I value deeply from having been uprooted my whole childhood.
    We wrote Red Room pre-pandemic, and the song took on a whole new meaning for me. Art is funny like that, it reveals itself slowly unfurling through time. It became a gentle anthem of contentment in appreciating the little things like having a roof over your head, and changing the perspective of being captive in our houses. Like fuck it, maybe this IS the place to be. I don't wanna be anywhere but here. ❤️
  • The new album comprises of 12-track and is set to be released on June 25, 2021. It is their first LP in six years.
    Nai Palm said, “When I was little, my mother used to cart 6 wild ass kids around in two cars. Both were vintage Valiant Safari station wagons. The 1967 model. One was black, one was white. She usually drove the white one, but on the days you knew not fuck with her, she drove the bad ass black one. I used to call it the bat mobile. A single mother has her ways to keep her babies in check. She was extremely fly. This record was very emotionally deep to create as we recorded everything except the vocals before my battle with breast cancer. An illness I lost my mother to. It is a reminder to express and live with valor and integrity while you're still here, and it means the world to me to be able to complete it and share with you against all odds. Life wants life from you. Lean into it as best can while you can. We hope this record fits into your moods and life experience. We hope it makes you feel valiant. 🌹”
  • source : Spotify
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