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  • Shark-detecting Drones with AI to patrol Australian Beaches

  • The university of Technology Sydney (UTS) began working on the shark detection project with Little Ripper Group, a commercial UAV company, in 2016.
    Drones equipped with a shark detection system powered by artificial intelligence (AI) will start patrolling some Australian beaches from next month in a bid to improve safety.
    Little Ripper drones equipped with the shark-spotter system will be able to warn swimmers through a megaphone when a shark is detected.
    The battery-powered drones will provide a live-video feed to a drone operator who then uses the shark-spotting software to identify sharks in real time and with more accuracy than the human eye.
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    Studies have shown that people have a 20-30 percent accuracy rate when interpreting data from aerial images to detect shark activity. Detection software can boost that rate to 90 percent, said Dr Nabin Sharma, a research associate at the University of Technology Sydney’s School of Software.
    Aerial videos of sharks from publicly available sources are used to train the system’s algorithms and differentiate sharks from other marine creatures, surfers, swimmers and boats.
    It can then tag sharks and other marine life, such as dolphins and whales, in real time.
    Dr Paul Scully-Power, a co-founder of the Little Ripper Group, said a life raft and emergency beacon can be dropped from the drone and the company is developing an electronic shark repellent.
  • source : Reuters
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