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  • Apple Releases New AD for “The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day” featuring Dwayne Johnson

  • Apple debuted a new AD for Siri, featuring American actor Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. The Ad wad created by Seven Bucks Productions.
    Apple drew how capable Siri is of helping users out on a daily basis in the film.
    As voice-first interfaces, Amazon’s Echo and Google Assistant lead the market more than Siri.
    For Apple, Siri permeates the public consciousness, persuading people to understand their utility and persuading them to continue to use them regularly is the most important things.
  • I think voice-first interfaces consist of face to face with voice, search from database and the result.
    Google's search engine is done very well, then reading the result with voice. In fact, Siri uses Google for searching common things like the weather, place etc.
    But for users, it takes time to create their own database like their schedules, and is a hassle.
    Also, most of the advertisements, they do not explain how to input own data with voice-first interfaces.
    Every time, do I have to input the data by my voice or writing? Seriously? It’s way too much hassle to do.
    I want Siri to watch us or our behavior and to make our plans automatically. Then Siri recommends better schedules.

  • source : Apple
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