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  • Pizza and Beer Delivery Robot “Funnie” produced by Pioneer Works

  • The Software For Artists was held by nonprofit foundation Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, New York on January 22.
    David Sheinkopf, director of technology at Pioneer Works and his team have developed beer-and-pizza-fetching robot, lovingly nicknamed Funnie.
    They came up with Funnie as a way to demonstrate that robotics can be entertaining, approachable and artistic.
    The robot has motorized wheels, a LIDAR object-detection system to help it recognize walls and run parallel to them, as well as onboard GPS.
    Also, the robot has the webcam that serves as Funnie's nose. This scans the surroundings for QR code-like graphics on the doors of participating stores. From the geometry and shape of these symbols, Funnie can calculate its angle from the front of the door and position itself so it's directly facing the store's entrance.
    Once Funnie is inside a store, it will order pizza or beer. Funnie pays with "money-dispensing unit," an envelope-size box with a motorized cover that opens after the robot orders its food. After the pay, Funnie says "keep the change" and snaps the money box shut.
    Once Funnie receives the pizza, it uses sharp, hook-shape "thumbs" to punch holes into the box, then traveling at about 3 to 5 miles per hour and returns to Pioneer Works.
    The robot has ran with Windows 95, because Windows 95 is a 22-year-old operating system and can legally buy alcohol in America.
  • 「The Software For Artists」が、非営利団体Pioneer Worksの主催でニューヨーク・ブルックリンで開催された。Pioneer Worksのディレクター
    David Sheinkopf氏とその仲間達は、ピザを注文、受け取り、配達をするロボット「Funnie」を開発し発表した。
    ピザ店に入ると、ピザとビールを注文し、電動カバーのついた封筒サイズの箱からキャッシュで支払いをする。支払いをすると「おつりは取っといて」と言う。支払い後、ピザを受け取り、爪のついたアームでピザを固定し、時速3〜5マイルの速度でPioneer Worksに戻ってくるシステムになっている。
  • source : engadget
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