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  • Illustration App “Mental Canvas” creates 2D sketching in 3D

  • Sometimes a designer and an illustrator want to create their drawing object with 3D. But the 3D software is difficult to use on feeling.
    Recently, some apps like "uMake" let you create 3D models from 2D sketching easily. However, the new app "Mental Canvas" takes a different approach.
    Originally developed by Yale University Professor Julie Dorsey and her research team. Mental Canvas is a tool that lies somewhere between current 2D digital drawn-and-paint systems and 3D computer-aided design systems.

    “There are loads of different programs that allow you to create 3D models and renderings, but Mental Canvas is the only true 3D drawing platform that lets you project your own strokes into space,” Dorsey said. “This preserves the artist’s hand so that drawings carry a personalized style.”
    “All content generated in Mental Canvas is hand-drawn, which gives the user the ability to refine ideas quickly without the burden imposed by 3D geometric modeling systems,” she adds. “Mental Canvas allows you to quickly switch between viewing and drawing modes so that creators can refine their designs at all stages of the creative process. And our drawings can be completed far more quickly than 3D models, allowing for the rapid sharing of concepts.”

    Mental Canvas won’t replace 3D modeling. Artists will be able to share ideas in 3D that are based on their own drawings—not a computer’s.
    Mental Canvas is currently only available on Microsoft devices running Windows 10, including the Surface line of products.
    Learn more about Mental Canvas, clikc here.
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  • デザイナーやイラスレーターは時々、イラスト作品を3D(立体)化したいと思う事があるが、3Dソフトウエアは操作が難しい。最近では「uMake」のように2Dオブジェクトを3D化するアプリがあるが、従来の3Dソフト上で上面、側面、前面のイラストを書くと言うことでは、感覚で仕事をするデザイナーやイラスレーターにとって、やはり分かりずらいところがあった。
    しかし、新しいイラストアプリ「Mental Canvas」は、違ったアプローチをしている。基本的に「Mental Canvas」では、アーティストが2Dのイラストをそのまま、画面上で描画し、その描画を元に立体化する。そのため、他のソフトのように前面や側面、上面から見た場合を考えず、そのままイラストを描く事が出来る。そのため、浮かんだアディアの思考を止める事なく作業が可能となった。
    ソフトウエアは、イェール大学のJulie Dorsey教授とリサーチチームが開発した。
    現在、「Mental Canvas」は、MicrosoftのデバイスとWindows 10でのみ動作する。詳細はこちら
  • source : The Creators Project
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