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  • Tsunami Hits Stage During Indonesian Band Seventeen’s Concert, Kills 222

  • On December 22, 2018, the devastating waves struck the region without warning following the eruption of the Anak Krakatoa volcano between the islands of Java and Sumatra.
    At least 222 people have been killed and 843 injured after a tsunami hit coastal towns on Indonesia's Sunda Strait, government officials say.
    It hit several popular tourist destinations including the Tanjung Lesung beach resort in the west of Java island.
    Footage shared on social media showed a large wave crashing into a tent in the resort, in which popular Indonesian rock band Seventeen was performing. Members of the band were seen being swept away as the wave destroyed the stage.
    Among the dead at Seventeen’s bassist Muhammad Awal Purbani (Bani) and the band’s road manager Oki Wijaya, Seventeen singer Riefian Fajarsyah revealed in an Instagram post.
    Three other members of the band, as well as Fajarsyah’s wife Dylan Sahara, were still missing after the tsunami crashed the open-air concert.
    “We lost our bassist Bani and our road manager Oki. Andi [drummer] and Herman [guitar] and Ujang [crew] have not been found.” Fajarsyah said. “The rest are thankfully safe although suffering from injuries and broken bones. Please pray so my wife Dylan, Andi and Herman and Ujang can be found soon.”
  • Red Cross official Kathy Mueller stated, "There is debris littering the ground, crushed cars, crushed motorcycles, we're seeing buildings that are collapsed."
    It appears that the main road into Pandeglang has been badly damaged, making it difficult for rescuers to reach the area, she added.
    Officials say more than 160 people were killed in Pandeglang - a popular tourist district on Java known for its beaches and national park.
    Meanwhile, 48 were reported dead in South Lampung on Sumatra, and deaths were also reported in Serang district and Tanggamus on Sumatra. Officials fear the death toll could rise further.
  • source : BBC
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