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  • Kulick Re-Releases 2017's Song “H”

  • American singer-songwriter Jacob Kulick, aka Kulick re-released his 2017 song “H” on April 9, 2021.
    The original of the song was released in February 2017, including a documentary. The project is about the heroin epidemic happening in his hometown of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. The song is a poem that was written by Alexandria Sienkiewicz two months before her accidental overdose.
    To commemorate the 5-year anniversary of her death Kulick has re-recorded the track.
    Jacob Kulick said, “We wanted to make a better version of the song and release it on all platforms instead of only YouTube so that it could reach more people going through a similar situation. I wanted to share the message of love and support instead of the stigma that is associated with ‘drug addicts’.”
    He continued, “I wanted to give Alexandria’s poem about her struggle with addiction a voice. This is a story about heroin first and foremost, but anyone who has ever felt depression, anxiety, addiction, experienced negative self-talk, or internal struggle will be able to feel the power of Alexandria’s words.
  • Alexandria Sienkiewicz's mother said, “Five years ago we lost our daughter Alexandria which feels like yesterday. The realization of knowing the last time we spoke to her, and said “I love you” was five years ago is heart-breaking. We were so uneducated looking back on substance use disorder and embarrassed to ask five years ago, but we are happy with the changes we helped to make. By bringing substance use disorder out of the darkness and into the light has helped so many people save themselves. Our hope is that Alex's words and Kulick's music inspires more individuals to reach out for help and more parents to get educated in this matter of alcohol and drugs, that is what our daughter wanted.”
  • source : Spotify
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