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  • Steph Copeland x Brigit O'Regan Release New Song “Gas Light”

  • Toronto based singer-songwriter Steph Copeland and violinist Brigit O'Regan teamed up for a new song “Gas Light”.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Sean McLeod, starring Murphy.
    The track was written by Steph Copeland and Brigit O'Regan.
    Steph Copeland and Brigit O'Regan said of the song in a statement, “The song’s inspiration comes from our own unique experiences of being gaslighted. We wanted to incorporate both meanings into the lyrics, leaving it open to interpretation for the listener. Watching recent leaders use gaslighting techniques and trigger tactics to push their agenda leaves us (and many) asking questions like: ‘Does everyone see how crazy this is? Am I the crazy one? Has the world gone crazy?’. We also drew from personal experiences with ‘gas-lighters,’ mostly in professional settings, both in and outside the music industry. Since the goal of a ‘gas-lighter’ is to make you question your sanity so they can manipulate you, we felt this was a relevant topic in a post #metoo, politically polarized climate.”
  • source : Spotify
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