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  • The 1975 Shares New Music Video for “Having No Head”

  • British rock band The 1975 has shared a new music video for “Having No Head” directed and CG animated by Jacolby Satterwhite.
    The song is an instrumental track first played by the band’s drummer and producer, George Daniel, during an Instagram Live session on his birthday on March 22, 2020
    It is included their fourth studio album “Notes on a Conditional Form” released back in May.
    Frontman Matthew Healy said of the song, “This is George, man. All George. It’s the only thing that George titled as well; he’s very much into his Eastern philosophy. You can ask him what it’s about. I don’t fucking know. That’s just George meditating. That’s what that sounds like to me. That is how George gets it out, this big, sprawling ambience, his artwork, like tapestries.”
  • New York-based contemporary artist Jacolby Satterwhite shared on social media, “Proceeding with my studio practice amidst a massive civil unrest and pandemic is a challenge that has reset my vision and intentions tremendously. After visiting and recording a few protests in Brooklyn, the only thing I could execute at a time like this is a reimagined safe space and a tribute to Breonna Taylor. This digital memorial can be seen in my video for The 1975’s song ‘Having No Head’. The short animation film is an alternative universe and recreational park where post-human Black femme bots have superior autonomy and immunity in a natural landscape. The other figures wearing gold hazmat suits are headless and lack immunity. Lately, I’ve shifted my interest to modelling recreational park landscapes in response to my research into Manet’s painting ‘Luncheon in the Grass’ (1862–63). The painting is considered the start of modernism and was controversial for depicting a female nude as the bourgeoisie and non-divine. Because 2020 is a major global paradigm shift, I feel like we are finally entering a new collective historical movement and theoretical shift as drastic as the dawn of early modernism. Therefore, digitally reimagining and reanimating ‘Luncheon In the Grass’ has become my main motif for pieces like ‘Having No Head’ and other projects I’m currently producing. A gesture that welcomes the new movement.”
  • source : YouTube
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