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  • Speelburg Unveils New Song “World Is Falling Apart (this version)”

  • Brighton based Belgian-American singer-songwriter Speelburg has unveiled a new song “World Is Falling Apart (this version)”.
    The song is the first single off of his upcoming debut album “Porsche”, which is set to be released on September 18, 2020.
    He wrote the song for another very famous pop artist in 2017. But it was deemed a little too dark, he kept the track for himself.
    “despite the seemingly nihilistic conceit, this is actually a pretty hopeful song”, Speelburg explained. “at the end the world, I’m still going to choose optimism”.
    He added, “I’m certainly not oblivious to the fact that this single is coming out during the pandemic, my girlfriend has caught the virus and I currently await judgement from the COVID gods thinking every headache is going to be my last - COVID limbo be damned! I don’t want this to come across as opportunistic. ‘World Is Falling Apart’ was actually written back in 2017 when we were faced with a whole bunch of other problems. The world just hasn’t gone back to ‘America-in-the-nineties’ level of chillness yet.”
  • source : Dansende Beren
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