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  • Official US Trailer for Animated Film “The Breadwinner” Set in Afghanistan, Executive produced by Angelina Jolie

  • Official US trailer for animated drama film "The Breadwinner" was premiered on line, directed by Nora Twomey and executive produced by Mimi Polk Gitlin, and Angelina Jolie.
    The film is based on the best-selling novel by Deborah Ellis, who issued the book in 2000.
    Making its U.S. premiere ahead of a November 17 theatrical bid for Oscar qualification, "The Breadwinner" also swept the Animation is Film festival’s audience award, an honor influenced by the attendance of co-executive producer Angelina Jolie,.
    She spoke both to a sizable press contingent and premiere audience of the topicality and universality of the film’s exploration of perpetual war and gender politics.

    Angelina Jolie said;
    "The care and commitment that the crew and production have put into this film, determined to make it so authentic, is something I’m sure you will see and very much appreciate. This film asks us to put our imagination, and ourselves, in another person’s shoes, in this case the shoes of an 11-year-old Afghan girl. It puts our own lives and issues into context when we consider what little girls in Afghanistan have been up against. There are few countries in the world where it is harder to be a young girl, where barriers between girls and their dreams — and their rights — are so high, and so painful to experience and observe.
    I think and hope that we can all see ourselves in this film, because it is about humanity, and love of family. It’s not just an Afghan story; it is a story of our times, and a story of a world in which equal rights for women remains a central, burning issue. I hope it will also remind you, as it does me, why we cannot abandon a country and people who have suffered so much, and whom we have promised so much."
  • Plot:
    Parvana is an 11 year old girl who lives in Kabul, Afghanistan with her mother Fatana, her father, her older sister Nooria, and two younger siblings, Maryam and Ali. Taliban soldiers enter her house and arrest her father for having a foreign education. Parvana and her mother go to the local jail and beg for her father to be freed, but the guards beat them for being so outspoken. Soon after, her mother becomes depressed and will not move from her toshak (thin mattress). Because Parvana's father can no longer work, her family situation becomes dire, as women are not allowed to travel unaccompanied by men in Afghanistan.
    Her mother and Mrs. Weera decide to disguise Parvana as a boy by cutting her hair and dressing her in her deceased brother Hossain's old clothes so that she can buy groceries. She also continues her father's business of reading and writing letters for illiterate people. Parvana runs into a girl who she used to go to school with named Shauzia. They start a business partnership. Although they were never close in school, they bond trying to figure out ways to earn more money. They come up with an idea of a portable "shop" by using trays to move their wares around. However, they must first obtain money to buy trays. They find a way to get a lot of money by digging up bones from graves.

    The film is scheduled to be released on November 17, 2017
    The film had its world premiere at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival in September. Also the fime was nominated for Best Film at London Film Festival.
  • source : Cartoonbrew.
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